Juliet Shelley

RE/Play Contact Workshop

Re/Play Contact Workshop & Jam

Juliet has taught classes and workshops in CI in England, Italy,
the Netherlands, Singapore, the USA, New Zealand and Australia.

She began dancing Contact in London in 1983 after she graduated from the Laban Centre with a BA in Dance Theatre. She began teaching Contact Improvisation in Oxford, England as a member of Jointwork Dance Group in 1987 alongside Steve Batts, Lucia Walker, Andy Solway and Matilda Leyser.

Juliet relocated to New Zealand in 1994.

With funding from Creative New Zeland, she brought Nancy Stark Smith to New Zealand in 1998 to teach workshops in Auckland, Dunedin and Wellington. Juliet apprenticed with Nancy as her student, hosted, traveled and performed with her during her tour.  In 1998 Martin Keogh traveled to NZ and Juliet organized his workshops in Auckland and Wellington, studied and performed with him.

In 2000 Juliet received funding from Creative New Zealand to travel to Earthdance, USA to study for 3 weeks with Nancy Stark Smith in her January training.

In 2015 Juliet undertook four months of professional davelopment overseas with financial support from Boosted New Zealand. She taught Contact workshops and classes in Amsterdam, London, Singapore and San Francisco. She danced and took workshops with Kirstie Simson, Nita Little, Julyen Hamilton, Katie Duck, Susan Klein, Barbara Mahler, Chris Aiken, Ralf Jaroschinski and Scott Smith. 




Juliet Shelley

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